Neil Diamond Aviva 2011

Well I am going to eat just a little humble pie and congratulate Mary Byrne who came on stage and totally rocked,

Her choice of songs were superb and the crowd really got behind their local Heroine.

Well done Mary.

Im also going to say I personally thought that Neils Show was the best ive seen, with a fresh relaxed approach to the gig,(he even got a beer and enjoyed it on stage).

from the word go this was going to be a momentus night and it was, with Neil Bellowing out a lot of his timeless classics

It’s easy to see why Neil is still the Best in the World

and the 34,950 of us were in awe as he sang and sang and sang for us.

Also a highlight for me was seeing my old friend Ambrose O’Shea, and meeting for the first time one of the top Neil diamond Tributes in Canada Mark Thomas, a lovely guy who I hope to have a long friendship with.

Ambrose is the most amazing guy who hails from Dublin and is without question ireland biggest Neil Diamond Memorabilia collector.

He is also responsible for bringing most of us Tribute Artists together.

More photos can be found in the Gallery