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German Medical Center

At the Dr Mager clinics, whether you are a resident or a visitor to our island, you can be sure of the best medical care for you and your family. Normally we will treat you at our clinics but house / hotel visits can also be arranged.

Your examination will be fully explained to you so that any questions you may have are immediately answered and your medical situation is made clear.

Further consultations can be co-ordinated directly in our clinics – in your home tongue – to avoid any misunderstandings. Our medical staff can speak to you in German, English, French or Dutch.

Treatment will normally be in our Day Clinic, but if it becomes necessary, we will organise further specialist consultations. We can also arrange for you to consult your family doctor.

If hospitalisation is necessary, we will make this as easy as possible by organising the transfer to the local hospital or private clinic where we will continue to attend you.

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