“I was, I suppose bought up on Neil Diamond from an early age,
my Mum used to listen to Radio 2 and very frequently
in the 70s a Neil Diamond song would invariably come on, much to my disgust..
I was only young”.

“A few years later though I was given a copy of The Jazz Singer,
I played the Film over a few times and from then on there
I was hooked, Neils music just swept me away, even in those fairly young days
I dreamt of being a Filmstar, Singer, Entertainer.

“Neils songs are always different always powerful”,
“When I was given the break,
I started putting Neil’s songs into my Show,
this really has changed
my show completely and has become an integral part
of my nightly performances”.

“I wish you all well and hope you enjoy the Shows wherever you see me,
and to Neil I can only say Thankyou”


God Bless


The human voice is the most important instrument
at our disposal, yet it is one of the most difficult
to understand or define.
You either hear it, or you don’t.
It either moves you, or it leaves you cold…
it is more than just a sound…
it is the soul itself.
——Neil Diamond, 1974.