Well Hi again, just posted some old video of a concert I did in the UK a few years ago, got me thinking I really must do some new ones although the new lines and chins do not bode well!!!.

Nethertheless they are there and as i say so are the Videos, just mouse over the soundbyte page.

Got My Uncle Pauls CD Yesterday oh wow thanks Unc folks if you love Opera, Operetta, Classics etc pop onto my Uncles Site, I Know he is family but he is Tenor Eleven rungs higher up the ladder than most (excuse the cheap Joke). Seriously the link is just above

So as for this weekend im in Darby O’Gills Country Hotel tonight and pretty much every Friday through the Summer.

then it’s up to tipparary to a great Pub called the Emigrents Rest tomorrow, just outside Clonmel town Centre. Oh and Yes they spelt my name wrong thats not my new Name lol.